Bridging the Gap – We Focus on Our Business So You Can Focus on Yours

19:08 29 July in Featured

immigration-law-feature-bridging-gap-thumb“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”   

– Jack Welch

We get it.  We’ve been in the practice of immigration law through the dot-com boom, and the bust of the recession.  Through political swings to the left, the right, and the pendulum not moving at all.

We understand what key employees mean to your business and your mission.  We understand the consequences of missed targets, unexpected delays, and not meeting expectations.   We know the impact of a gap in an employee’s work authorization, and the far-reaching consequences of losing an employee who cannot be retained due to immigration complications.

We know the anxiety of human resources professionals who are placed in the position of ensuring the hiring process goes smoothly, expectations are managed, and that the executives, managers, and employees maintain trust that the process will be professionally and successfully handled.

We understand the stress of executives who just need the job done and done well, so they can focus on their business and not the details of the hiring process.

We understand the concerns of General Counsel, whose job it is to protect the company from any liability or negative exposure, while keeping everyone happy – goals which are not always clearly aligned.

We understand the frustration of hiring managers, who usually needed someone in the position yesterday, are a step (or several) removed from the details of the hiring process, and are getting pressure from all sides to deliver without the adequate resources.

We also understand that the immigration process is personal.  We understand the anxiety and instability the immigration process can cause for your employees.  Its’ not just about work authorization; it’s about a plan for their future, stability for their families, and the American Dream of giving one’s children a life full of greater opportunities than their parents had.

LAC gives our clients clear, accurate, timely information that supports your business hiring decisions.  We are able to anticipate potential problems and gaps in the process, thereby building and maintaining the immigration bridge between your business’ goals and employees’ needs.  This allows employers and employees to get straight to work, focusing on productivity and business goals, rather than spending time, energy and money trying to find a way through the confusing maze of laws, regulations, policies and timelines which make up the U.S. immigration process.   In short, we reduce lost revenues and time due to unforeseen immigration roadblocks.   This serves to alleviate anxiety for everyone impacted by the process.