Comprehensive Immigration Reform Passes the Senate!

14:51 02 October in News Updates

On Thursday, June 27, 2013 the United States Senate passed S. 744, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) with a vote of 68-32. With the passage of this bill, the Senate has moved the United States in the direction of immigration reform that is vital to businesses, the economy, and immigrant families.

In response to the vote, President Obama issued a statement, lauding the Senate’s action:

Today, the Senate did its job. It’s now up to the House to do the same.

As this process moves forward, I urge everyone who cares about this issue to keep a watchful eye. Now is the time when opponents will try their hardest to pull this bipartisan effort apart so they can stop commonsense reform from becoming a reality. We cannot let that happen. If you’re among the clear majority of Americans who support reform – from CEOs to labor leaders, law enforcement to clergy – reach out to your Member of Congress. Tell them to do the right thing. Tell them to pass commonsense reform so that our businesses and workers are all playing by the same rules and everyone who’s in this country is paying their fair share in taxes.

We have a unique opportunity to fix our broken system in a way that upholds our traditions as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. We just need Congress to finish the job.

As the immigration reform debate now moves to the House of Representatives, LAC’s own Diana Vellos Coker and Kimberley Best Robidoux, as members of AILA San Diego Chapter’s Advocacy and Media Committee, will be meeting with Congressman Scott Peters next week to discuss the Senate bill and the immigration reform bills in the House. The House will likely bring one or a combination of their immigration bills to a vote and then in conference they may combine the House and Senate bills. LMAC is committed to immigration reform and making the immigration process better for our clients.

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