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Combination Employment Authorization/Advance Parole Card Combo Card
What is the Validity Period of an Advance Parole Document and Does USCIS Issue Only One?
What Biographical Information is Included on the Advance Parole Document?
When and How Do I Use an Advance Parole Document?
 Do I Need a New I-94 Card When I Reenter the United States Using an AP Document?
May an Individual in H/L Status Resume H/ L Status in the United States After Using an AP to Reenter the United States?
How Do I Apply for a New Advance Parole Document?
 When will I be scheduled for a biometrics appointment?
Where will USCIS send the biometrics appointment notice?
 I received my biometrics appointment, but a member of my family did not. What should I do?
I received my biometrics appointment, but I am scheduled to appear in a city in which I do not reside. What should I do?
What if I can not go to the biometrics appointment?
 I will be traveling abroad in the near future, what happens if my biometrics appointment is scheduled during the time I am abroad?
Will it delay or have a negative impact on my case if I reschedule my appointment?
When will I get the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card and Advance Parole (AP) document?
I want to move. Will this impact the green card case?
When will my adjustment of status case be approved?
Can I change employers during this process?
Why is my case held for background checks? How long will the background checks take?
If I change residences, do I need to notify the USCIS of my move/change of address?
Is it possible to notify the USCIS of my move/change of address electronically?
 How to report a change of address
What if I have already notified the local USCIS office or the USCIS Service Center of my new address?
Does everyone complete the same form?
How do you know whether to include a receipt number for an application or petition currently in progress?
The change of address form requires me to select Visitor, Student, Permanent Resident, or Other. What do I do if I am not a student, permanent resident or visitor (e.g. H-1B, L-1)?
What is my A number?
If I am a US Permanent Resident do I need to complete a Form AR-11 if I move?
 Can I list a P.O. Box or my work address? 
Must I report a temporary address change?
 What is my location of entry?
What is my date of entry into US?
What is the date of expiration of my stay in the United States if I am not a permanent resident?
How should I mail Form AR-11 to the USCIS if I choose not to file the form AR-11 electronically?
Comparison of Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing
 What documents do I need to immigrate?
If I have been arrested in the past, what documents will be needed?
What if I do not have a required document?
What if I request a specific document and the relevant government authority/agency informs me that the document or record does not exist?
If I want to use an affidavit, what is the format and what information must it contain?
Can you provide guidance on the format/requirements for English translations?
 Do I need original documents?
What about medical examinations?
What about fingerprints and photographs?
What about the Affidavit of Support?
DOL FAQ on Supervised Recruitment

After I have attended my biometrics appointment, does that mean my Adjustment of Status application will be approved soon?  
Can I check the status of my or my family members fingerprint results?
Some individuals receive Requests for Evidence (RFE) from the USCIS for their Adjustment of Status applications. Can I prepare documents to get ready for an RFE on my case?
I checked the USCIS online case status system and it indicates that my Adjustment of Status application has been approved. When will I receive my green card?
What is Consular Processing?
What are the requirements for Green Card- Consular Process ?
Is my case hopeless if my background is not pristine?
What are the advantages of pursuing Consular Processing?
What are the disadvantages of pursuing Consular Processing?
What about my family?
Can I continue to travel internationally?
How do I file an Immigrant Petition to request that the remainder of the green card case be completed through Consular Processing?
What if my Immigrant Petition did not indicate that I wanted to pursue Consular Processing?
How long does it take to complete Consular Processing?
How do I pay the immigrant visa processing fees to National Visa Center?
What can I expect to happen after I pay the immigrant visa processing fees?
Will the National Visa Center conduct background checks? 
How will I know when my interview appointment will be scheduled with the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate?
Can I request a specific interview date at the consulate?
Must my minor children attend the interview?
When my case is approved, what happens next?
What happens if my case cannot be approved?
What is labor certification?
Does the labor certification belong to the foreign national?
What are the limitations on the labor certification?
I heard that when a labor certification is granted, I can then use it for another employer. Is this true, and if not, why?
What is my role in the labor certification process?
I have very unique qualifications; therefore I should have no problem getting a labor certification due to my background, right?
Why are the minimum job requirements the required standard for a labor certification?
When can I know my preference category?
What is a priority date and why is it important?
Once I have a labor certification approved in my name, can my spouse work?
What is the difference between PERM, Traditional (TR) and Reduction in Recruitment (RIR) labor certifications?
What happens to my labor certification if the company goes out of business or is acquired or I am laid off?
Can the company use my labor certification for someone else?
What is the quota backlog?
What are the different employment-based preference categories?
What does EB-1 mean?
What does EB-2 mean?
What does EB-3 mean?
What does *other workers* mean?
What is a priority date?
Why is the priority date important?
Can I get ahead on the quota backlog list?
What is the difference between the visa category being U (Unavailable) and mm/dd/yy (quota backlog)?
What does C mean?
If the visa bulletin shows a date of 6-1-06 and my priority date is 6-1-06, is my priority date current?
How often do the backlogs change and will they improve?  
The cut-off date is 6-1-2006. Does this mean that it will take 5 years before the priority date will become current?
I have an approved I-140 Immigrant Petition with my previous employer and my current employer is sponsoring me now for a green card. What is my priority date?
My spouse was born in a different country than I was. Since the case is based on my employment, does the country of birth of my spouse help me?
I have heard that only those individuals from India and China are subject to quota backlogs. I was not born in one of those countries. Do quota backlogs apply to me?
My employer has a labor certification pending on my behalf. Do quota backlogs affect the processing of the application?
The quota backlogs were not in affect when I filed my I-485 Adjustment of Status application. Is it possible for the visa numbers to become quota backlogged and affect me?
If my I-485 Adjustment of Status Application is still pending, and my priority date is no longer current, will the USCIS still issue a biometrics appointment notice and/or a Request for Evidence (RFE)?
My Adjustment of Status application is pending and I recently married. Can I add my spouse to the application (i.e., can my spouse file his/her I-485) if my priority date is not current?
If I am not able to file the I-485 Adjustment of Status application due to quota backlogs, is there another way for my H-4 spouse to obtain work authorization?
What types of OPT are available?
For how long is OPT authorized?
What documents authorize OPT employment?
What is the H-1B cap?
When does the H-1B application period open?
What is the F-1/H-1B cap-gap?
 How does a student become eligible for cap-gap? 
How does a student covered under the cap-gap extension obtain proof of continuing status?
What if a student does not qualify for a cap-gap extension?
What if the H-1B cap is exhausted and the student does not receive a cap number?
What is a 17-month STEM OPT extension?
What are the requirements to receive a 17-month OPT extension?
 What documents authorize STEM OPT employment?
Can a student continue working past the expiration of their 12 month OPT EAD while a STEM extension is pending?
 What is H-1B status? 
How long may an individual remain employed in H-1B status?
How is an H-1B Change of Employer (COE) case different than a normal H-1B case?
What questions should an employer ask a potential hire before proceeding with an H-1B COE case?
The current H-1B employer of the potential new hire is an institution of higher education. Does this matter?
Is a Federal Express delivery confirmation sufficient proof of filing?
Is premium processing required or recommended for an H-1B COE case?
What happens if I start the foreign worker on the H-1B COE receipt notice and the case is later denied? 
What if the potential hire has been laid off – does that impact the H-1B COE case?
The potential hire says that they are on an unpaid leave, how does this impact the H-1B COE case?
What if the potential hire has an EAD card based on his green card process – should we still consider an H-1B COE case or can we employ him on the EAD?
How does an employer complete the I-9 Form when an H-1B COE worker begins employment on the receipt notice?
What is a Site Visit?
Who conducts site visits?
Where and when will the site visit occur?
Can immigration counsel be present during the site visit?
How should an employer prepare for a site visit?
What information will the employer need to provide?
Will the foreign worker be interviewed?
What happens after a site visit is completed?
Practice Pointers for FDNS site visits
How to Make Changes to the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application after Submission 
What is an I-94?
What is the change?
Sounds great, so what is the problem?
So what do I do if I need a copy of my I-94 card?
How soon after admission will I be able to print the I-94?
What do I do if I can not find my admission information in the electronic system?
Do I really need to bother printing out the I-94? 
My name or other personal information does not match on each of my travel documents. Is this a problem?
I am an employer filling out Section 2 or 3 of an I-9 for an employee who can only use their foreign passport and I-94 document as a List A document. What do I do if they do not have the paper I-94?
I sometimes travel to Mexico or Canada for less than 30 days on an expired visa, under the Automatic Visa Revalidation process. Can I still do this?
If I have a print out of the electronic I-94 card based on the new system, do I have to turn that in when I leave the U.S.?
I am concerned about my privacy with this new system. Can anyone access and print out my information via the I-94 website?
INFOPASS (USCIS Appointment System)
What is a visa?
Is my I-797 Approval Notice a visa?