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Regardless of your industry, when your business needs key talent, no matter from where the person hails, Larrabee Albi Coker can assist by providing U.S. immigration services that support your business’ needs. Our legal guidance allows employers and employees to get straight to work, focusing on productivity and business goals rather than spending unnecessary time, energy and money trying to find a way through the maze which is the U.S. immigration process.

Whether you have a short-term visa need or require a more permanent solution, we take care of the immigration piece so you can continue to build your business and keep your competitive edge.There are a number of employment-based temporary visa options available for foreign nationals, We are here to assist you in navigating the immigration maze and implementing the best immigration strategy to attract the best candidate for the job.

Examples of non-immigrant work authorizing visas with which we can assist include:

E-1, E-2
H-1B, H-1B1, E-3
L-1A, L-1B
O-1A, O-1B
TN-1, TN-2

Visitor for Business
Treaty Trader or Investor
Student Optional Practical Training: curricular, post-graduate, STEM
Specialty Occupation
Foreign Press
Exchange Visitor: all categories
Intracompany Transfer: executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge
Extraordinary Ability: sciences, arts, education, business, athletics
Athletes, Artists, Entertainers
Religious Workers

In addition to the above, LAC can provide a variety of services to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Once you have identified a foreign national candidate, we provide a thorough Immigration Assessment to address any potential legal issues. Our goal is to help you manage expectations, avoid liabilities, minimize hiring managers’ frustrations, and reduce the prospective employee’s anxiety level about the immigration process.

The Immigration Assessment includes:

  • Analysis of a candidate’s temporary immigration options, including time and cost considerations, benefits and risks
  • Review of options for dependent family members
  • Identification of any potential risk or liability issues for the employer and the candidate

Once you have brought a foreign national employee on board on a temporary visa, if the long-term retention of that employee is the next main goal, LAC can assist with the permanent residence process.

The employment-based permanent residency process is often complex; it can be a long road for foreign national employees and their employers. We partner with our clients to avoid the business disruption caused by the loss of a foreign national employee due to temporary visa constraints. We are here to reduce the stress and anxiety felt by all in this process. We focus on communicating with our clients and the foreign national employees in a timely and open manner. We anticipate potential problems and gaps in the immigration process when an employee is transitioning from a temporary visa status to a permanent hire and advise the employer and the foreign national employee of any issues, both up front and as they may arise during the lengthy process. This allows all parties to focus on productivity and business goals rather than immigration unknowns.

The employment-based permanent residency process offers several options for U.S. employers to permanently hire foreign national employees. Those options include:

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