I want to move. Will this impact the green card case?

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If the move is from one residential address to another within the same metropolitan area, this should not impact the green card case. Please note that within 10 days of any change of address, even a temporary change of address, all non-U.S. citizens need to complete the Alien Change of Address Card (Form AR-11). A separate AR-11 must be completed for each non-U.S. citizen family member in the U.S. If it has been more than 10 days since the change of address, we still suggest that the AR-11 be filed. Form AR-11 is available on the USCIS web site and may be completed online. We recommend that a copy of the filed Form AR-11 be kept by the applicant for his/her records. Further, please notify our firm of any change of address so that we may separately notify the USCIS of this issue to ensure that this information is forwarded to the pending I-485 Application. If the move is outside of the metropolitan area, please contact our office to discuss the potential impact on the pending application.

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