If I want to use an affidavit, what is the format and what information must it contain?

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An affidavit is a sworn statement before an official, usually a notary, in which the person states certain facts to be true. The following is general guidance on the topic:
  1. The affiant must have personal knowledge of the events at issue, meaning that he/she must have been present at the event.
  2. The affiant must identify himself/herself and recite how he/she knows the facts to be true. For example: “I am [Name], the aunt of [John Smith]. I was present at his birth and can state the following: He was born in (location) on (date) and his parents are (names).
  3. The affidavit can be handwritten or formally prepared, but must be made under oath and witnessed by an official (typically a notary).
  4. In the event the document is written in a foreign language, an English translation is required.

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