Change of Address

If I change residences, do I need to notify the USCIS of my move/change of address?

Yes. Within 10 days of a residential change of address, even a temporary change of address, most non-U.S. citizens must complete Form AR-11 either electronically or by mail.  The AR-11 is available at  The exceptions to this general rule are: Diplomats holding an A visa; official government representatives to an international organization holding a G visa; and certain nonimmigrants who do not possess a valid visa and who are in the U.S. for fewer than 30 days.. A separate AR-11 must be completed for each non-U.S. citizen family member in the U.S. If it has been more than 10 days since your change of address, we recommend that you still file the Form AR-11. We recommend that you retain proof of filing Form AR-11 so that you have evidence of your compliance with the law.

How to report a change of address

The AR-11 change of address form can be found at:

How do you know whether to include a receipt number for an application or petition currently in progress?

Petitions filed on your behalf by your employer (e.g. H-1B, L-1, I-140) should not be included because your change of address does not impact the petition. Applications such as those for pending adjustment of status, advance parole, employment authorization, dependent status, etc. must be included so that the USCIS can forward your documents to your new address.

The change of address form requires me to select Visitor, Student, Permanent Resident, or Other. What do I do if I am not a student, permanent resident or visitor (e.g. H-1B, L-1)?

The following individuals should check “Other” and specify their status:

  • Temporary Workers (such as “H”, “L”, “E”, “TN”, and “O” status)
  • Dependents
  • Students in F-1 status who have graduated and are on OPT
  • Research Scholars and Exchange Visitors (J–1)
  • If you last entered the U.S. pursuant to Advance Parole, you would check “Other” and “Parolee/I-485 Pending”.
What is my A number?

Not all individuals have an “A” number (alien registration number). If you are a permanent resident or have an adjustment of status application pending, the USCIS will have issued an “A” number to you. It is a 9-digit number found on documents issued by the USCIS, such as a Permanent Resident Card (“green card”), an I-485 Adjustment of Status application Receipt Notice, an Advance Parole document, etc. If you are currently in the United States pursuant to H-1B or H-4 status and do not have an Adjustment of Status application pending, you will most likely not have an “A” number.

If I am a US Permanent Resident do I need to complete a Form AR-11 if I move?

Yes, all individuals in the United States who are not U.S. citizens (aside from the limited exceptions listed above) must complete Form AR-11 form every time that they move/change residences.

Can I list a P.O. Box or my work address?

Even if you receive all of your mail at a P.O. Box, indicate your RESIDENTIAL address. The USCIS has made it very clear that your RESIDENTIAL address must be provided, not an office or work address.

Must I report a temporary address change?

Yes, unless you maintain your present address as your permanent residence and continue to receive mail there. All other temporary address changes must be reported. The Form AR-11 provides a space for you to indicate that the residence is temporary. You will then fill in the anticipated dates of stay at the temporary residence. If you will be staying at a hotel/motel, you should provide the hotel/motel address as your temporary residence.

What is my location of entry?

This is the air, land or sea border at which your immigration documents were reviewed/checked by an immigration officer the last time that you entered the U.S. (e.g. Los Angeles airport, Vancouver airport, San Ysidro Port of Entry, etc.).

What is my date of entry into US?

This is the date that you most recently entered the United States.

What is the date of expiration of my stay in the United States if I am not a permanent resident?

This is the date of expiration listed on your most recent I-94 card. If you were last admitted to the US pursuant to an Advance Parole document, you may write the expiration of the I-94 card issued to you, along with the notation “I-485 pending”.

How should I mail Form AR-11 to the USCIS if I choose not to file the form AR-11 electronically?

We recommend that you keep a copy of the form and send the form via certified mail/return receipt requested so that you have evidence of your compliance with the law.