What Our Staff Says About LAC

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We polled our staff for their thoughts on the question of what sets us apart. We believe their responses are indicative of what our clients experience. The following are quotes from our staff about. . .

The quality of our legal advice and services

  • Legal advice and business practices are honest and straight-forward
  • All legal advice is provided by attorneys, not paralegals or support staff
  • We keep abreast of the latest developments in immigration law
  • We participate in the shaping of immigration law and policy
  • Exclusive immigration practice, with business immigration focus
  • Our work is not out-sourced, which provides for consistency and quality assurance
  • Our attorneys work closely with the paralegals to ensure all possible issues have been reviewed and addressed
  • Staff who are proficient in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian
  • Many long-term staff members

Our service level

  • We are easily accessible to our clients and available to answer their questions
  • We have an outstanding level of professionalism
  • Our accessibility to clients through phone, e-mail or in-person without additional billing is unique
  • Personal attention to clients
  • Staff work very well together and are always willing to help each other out, which leads to faster turn-around and attention to clients
  • Cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Reliable communication between clients and the firm

Our ethics and integrity

  • Thorough, fair and honest case assessment
  • High ethical standards
  • We value our ethical practices
  • Responsible and respectable established business within the community
  • We have an excellent reputation with government agencies
  • We like what we do and we take pride in what we do
  • With LAC, clients get substance, not sales, not slick marketing
  • Competitive legal fees
  • We do not “bait and switch”

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