We are in the business of assisting our clients with their greatest resource: their human capital. The importance of this resource is not lost on us. We pride ourselves on the exceptional caliber of our workforce. Many of our staff hold advanced degrees and have been in the field of immigration law for a number of years. Further, as one of very few women-owned law firms, LAC understands the importance of diversity and the perspective it lends to the workforce. We employ individuals of various backgrounds who are fluent in a number of languages, including Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Russian, Spanish, French and Italian.

  • Adrian Brody

    Adrian Brody

    Accounting Manager

  • Alex Shriver

    Alex Shriver


  • Anna Ho

    Anna Ho

    Senior Accounting Assistant

  • Anna Riazanova

    Anna Riazanova

    Senior Paralegal

  • Caroline Kobayashi

    Caroline Kobayashi

    Senior Paralegal

  • Daniela Gaspardo

    Daniela Gaspardo

    Legal Assistant Team Lead

  • Diana Carrillo

    Diana Carrillo


  • Isaiah Gonzales

    Isaiah Gonzales

    Case Writer

  • Jenifer Collins

    Jenifer Collins

    Senior Paralegal

  • Jennifer Price-Smith

    Jennifer Price-Smith

    Case Writer

  • Jesus Mendoza Downey

    Jesus Mendoza Downey

    Case Writer

  • Justin Walters

    Justin Walters

    Senior Paralegal

  • Kristi Cavanaugh

    Kristi Cavanaugh

    Database Administrator & Records Specialist

  • Matt Sparks

    Matt Sparks

    Senior Paralegal

  • Meagan Knepp

    Meagan Knepp

    Senior Case Writer

  • Monica Negrini-Sanchez

    Monica Negrini-Sanchez

    Legal Assistant

  • Nadia Gamboa

    Nadia Gamboa

    Case Writer

  • Patty Campos

    Patty Campos

    Administrative Assistant

  • Satoko Hasegawa Simonds

    Satoko Hasegawa Simonds

    Senior Case Writer

  • Vanessa Gonzalez

    Vanessa Gonzalez


  • Yuki Murata

    Yuki Murata

    Senior Paralegal