International Travel Tips and Reminders for Foreign Nationals

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International Travel Tips and Reminders for Foreign Nationals

As the busy holiday travel season approaches, LAC wishes to provide the following information to assist our clients with international travel.

Travel Resources:

I-94 Admission Record 

As a way of avoiding long lines at land borders, the I-94 website now allows travelers to submit a request for I-94 online, up to seven days prior to arriving at a land port of entry. After submitting the application and payment online, travelers will receive a provisional I-94. The I-94 online application will collect information that is otherwise collected in-person at the land port of entry, including biographic information (name, date of birth, country of citizenship), passport details, visa details (if applicable), and the applicant’s petition/Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS) number (if applicable)

  • Click here to access and pay for provisional I-94 online.
  • For all travelers — I-94 Printout:  Please remember to print and review the I-94 admission document for yourself and each member of your family after each entry to the U.S. If there are any errors on your I-94 printout, please contact CBP immediately to correct any errors. Please also feel free to contact your LAC attorney for assistance if needed.


Alerts/ Potential Delays

  • Travel Advisory: Given various on-going conflicts abroad, please see U.S. Department of State’s most recent travel advisories searchable by country/area, level of severity and date.
  • Individuals with DUI-Related Arrests or Convictions

The U.S. Department of State will revoke the visa stamp of visa-holders with a DUI arrest that occurred within the past five years, unless that arrest has already been vetted as part of a prior visa application.

While the revocation of a visa does not affect the underlying status of a nonimmigrant while inside the U.S., the visa stamp would no longer be valid for international travel. Therefore, after departure from the U.S. that individual must secure a new visa from a U.S. Consulate abroad prior to returning to the U.S.

Applicants for a visa who have had one alcohol related arrest in the last five years, or two or more in the last 10 years, will be referred to a panel physician for a medical examination prior to visa issuance to rule out medical ineligibility.

Note that under Canadian law, an individual (of any nationality other than Canadian) may not enter Canada if they have a DUI. A waiver would be required.

Any DUI-related incident should be brought to the attention of your LAC attorney. Please be sure to contact your LAC attorney to schedule a consultation for an assessment of the potential impacts on the ability to travel and obtain a visa.

  • Individuals with an arrest or conviction for any offense

An arrest or conviction for any offense may result in a visa denial or denial of admission to the U.S. Please be sure to contact your LAC attorney to schedule a consultation to discuss any such incident prior to departure from the United States. Under attorney-client privilege, this matter will be kept confidential.


We wish everyone a safe and healthy Holiday Season


Legal Disclaimer:  This is provided for informational purposes only and does not substitute for legal advice based on the circumstances of a specific matter. Immigration laws and policies change frequently, often without notice. It is therefore important to seek direct legal counsel based upon individual circumstances.


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