Nonimmigrant Visa Issues for Investors and Entrepreneurs from Mexico

03:39 05 September in LAC Blog

In the economic environment following what many have dubbed “The Great Recession”, the discussion regarding the costs and benefits of immigration continues with great passion adn occasionally vitriol from both sides. In the arena of skilled professionals, the debate centers on whether an employer’s ability to hire the best and the brightest, regardless of nationality, truly increases U.S. competitiveness globally. This conversation extends to whether increasing the opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs and investors furthers U.S. economic interests. Opponents of such open market hiring practices charge that the facilitation of immigration for highly-skilled individuals robs U.S. workers of jobs, depresses their wages, and makes the United States more vulnerable to security breaches caused ostensibly by the mere presence of more foreign nationals in the United States.

The Obama Administration, and in turn the immigration-related agencies of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), purport to support immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs. Yet, there continue to be systemic obstacles to a smooth and expedient transition to the United States for many such individuals and businesses.

Due to it’s proximity to and long relationship with the United States, Mexico is a natural, historic and significant trade and investment partner of the United States. (1)

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