Online Case Management System New Feature

01:39 06 August in News Updates

Larrabee Albi Coker LLP (LAC) is pleased to announce a new feature of our online case management system that we hope will make your management of the immigration process a little bit easier.  Our online case management system now permits the direct upload of documents.   This feature will enable foreign nationals to share documents with our firm that have been requested for an immigration case and it will also allow our firm to share important immigration documents with our clients.

Foreign National Use of Document Upload Feature

With every immigration case, our firm requests information and documentation from the foreign national employee.  Previously, any documentation that we requested had to be mailed, emailed or faxed to our firm.  The new direct document upload feature will further streamline the process and be a more efficient way for foreign nationals to share the documentation with our firm that is routinely requested as part of an immigration case.   When a client opens a new immigration matter with our firm, guidance on the use of this feature will be provided via email to the foreign national who is the beneficiary of the case.

Company Use of Document Upload Feature

Additionally, our firm is now able to directly upload documents to our system for our clients to view.   Once an immigration case is filed with the applicable government agency, our firm receives various documents from that agency regarding the case.  For example, when an H-1B petition is filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an I-797C Receipt Notice is issued.  In addition to our standard process of forwarding the original government issued documents to our clients, we will now be uploading a copy of those documents to our online case management system.  This should assist the company in managing the documentation for each of its foreign national employees.  We will notify the immigration contact via email when a document is uploaded to our system and provide instructions on how to access the document.

LAC is always open to ideas on how we can assist in making the immigration process more manageable for our clients through altering our firm’s management of our clients’ immigration matters.  As always, feel free to contact your LAC attorney with any questions regarding the above.

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