Reminder: E-Verify Required for Most Federal Contractors

18:08 31 August in News Updates

While E-Verify is currently a voluntary program for most employers, it is mandatory for most federal contractors and subcontractors if the contract includes the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clause 52.222-54. 

The FAR clause has been effective since September 8, 2009, but we expect a renewed emphasis on enforcement.   Employers who are uncertain whether FAR E-Verify applies to them should consult with their general counsel/ individual with knowledge of the terms and conditions of their business contracts, and immigration counsel.

Failure to enroll in E-Verify when required, and/or failure to consistently and accurately use the system, can result in significant monetary penalties.  It is also likely to result in the loss of the existing federal contract, and debarment from receipt of future federal contracts.

Recent DHS advisory:

Notice to DHS Contractors and Subcontractors on Compliance with E-Verify

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