UPDATE: Technical problems with U.S. Passport and Visa Issuance Continue

17:58 25 June in News Updates

Technical problems with U.S. passport and visa issuance continue

Resolution anticipated by the end of this week

Status as of June 23, 2015

• The database responsible for handling biometric clearances has been rebuilt and is being tested. The Bureau is working to restore full biometric data processing.

• More than 45,000 visas were issued yesterday. Beijing alone issued nearly 15,000 visas

• 39 posts, representing more than two-thirds of normal capacity, are now online and issuing visas, including:

o France: Paris
o Mexico: Monterrey, Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Merida, Hermosillo
o Pakistan: Karachi
o South Korea: Seoul
o India: Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai
o United Kingdom: London
o Brazil: Sao Paolo
o Philippines: Manila
o China: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu
o Israel: Tel Aviv

For the full list of reconnected posts, see

The State Department also provided the following:

Q: How long before you restore full system functionality?

•       We anticipate that the system will be fully reconnected this week. We plan to work over the weekend to clear our backlog.

•      As of noon today, 39 posts have been reconnected, representing more than two-thirds of the global nonimmigrant visa volume. All our servers appear to be stable.

•      There is a large backlog of cases to clear, but we have already made good progress. We will continue to bring additional posts online until connectivity with all posts is restored.

Q: What does this mean for travelers seeking visas?

•      Many posts are now rescheduling interviews. In some cases, interviews will be available as soon as June 24. Please check the website of the nearest embassy or consulate for interview appointment availability and up-to-date messages.

Q: How many people were affected by this outage?

•      We handle an average of 50,000 applications daily worldwide. During the past two weeks, consular sections have continued to interview travelers who applied June 8 or earlier. Interviews will now be available for those who applied after June 8. Visa issuance has been delayed by the systems outage and the backlog will be addressed.

Q: Once operational, how will cases be prioritized?

•      We are already prioritizing urgent humanitarian cases and temporary agricultural workers. We are working as quickly as possible to clear the backlog of pending visa cases.

•      We apologize to travelers and recognize that this has caused hardship to some individuals waiting for visas.

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