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The USCIS issued the below press release, indicating that as of today they will accept premium processing requests for all H-1B Cap-Subject petitions.  A request for premium processing may now be added to an H-1B Cap-Subject petition pending adjudication with USCIS.  The USCIS filing fee is $1,410, for which USCIS will guarantee a response within 15 calendar days.  Note that the response may be an approval, denial, or request for additional evidence.

USCIS Press Release

June 7, 2019

Premium Processing Begins for Remaining H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions on June 10

On June 10, we will begin premium processing for all remaining FY 2020 H-1B cap-subject petitions. Starting on that date, petitioners may file Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, with the USCIS service center that is processing their petition.

On March 19, we announced that we would offer premium processing in a two-phased approach during the FY 2020 cap season to best manage premium processing requests without fully suspending it. In the past few years, we suspended all premium processing for H-1B petitions due to high demand. Based on feedback from the public, we are using this phased approach to benefit petitioners and ensure efficient premium processing. The first phase, which started on May 20, included FY 2020 cap-subject H-1B petitions requesting a change of status and the second phase includes all other FY 2020 cap-subject petitions.


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