What does EB-2 mean?

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Employment-Based Second Preference (EB-2) includes: (1) Members of professions holding advanced degrees (Masters or Ph.D.); and (2) Persons of exceptional ability in the sciences, art or business. Persons of exceptional ability are those who have a degree of expertise above that which is ordinarily expected.

Note: For Members of professions holding advanced degrees, the U.S. employer’s job requirements for the position must minimally require a Master’s or Ph.D. to perform the job duties – the actual degree credentials of the foreign worker does not determine whether or not the appropriate classification is EB-2. The focus for preference classification is based solely on the U.S. employer’s minimum job requirements. Additionally, the immigration regulations provide that a job which requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree PLUS five years of progressively responsible experience will be considered equivalent to a Master’s level position and will qualify for EB-2.

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