What if I cannot attend the biometrics appointment at the scheduled time and day?

Downtown San Diego from Coronado

Please notify our firm as soon as possible if attending the scheduled appointment is not possible. If an individual is unable to attend the appointment on the scheduled date and time, the individual may consider visiting the ASC prior to the scheduled appointment date and request that his/her biometrics be taken on a walk-in basis (without an appointment). It is best for the individual to carry documentation which supports the fact that he/she will be unavailable on the scheduled date. Please note that if an individual chooses to attempt this option, it is best to do so at least 3 business days prior to the appointment. In the event that the ASC will not accommodate the walk-in request or the individual prefers to reschedule the appointment without attempting a walk-in request, we can contact the USCIS to reschedule the biometrics appointment but it must be done in writing and in advance of the appointment. It is not possible to call the ASC or the USCIS to reschedule an appointment. Please note that failure to attend a schedule appointment risks denial of the application.

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