What is the Validity Period of an Advance Parole Document and Does USCIS Issue Only One?

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The traditional paper Advance Parole document (Form I-512L) is typically valid for one year from the date of issuance by the USCIS. The AP documents are issued in duplicate (sometimes in triplicate) and are typically valid for multiple entries during the one year validity period. Although our office requests that the Advance Parole document be issued for multiple entries, please review your Advance Parole document to determine if it has been issued by USCIS for a single entry or for multiple entries.[1] You may find this information on the AP document itself in the section titled “PAROLE” (i.e. “This authorization is valid for multiple applications for parole into the United States during the validity period noted above.”). Please note that the USCIS sometimes erroneously issues original AP documents in triplicate. The third original AP document does not need to be returned to the USCIS. Therefore, if the USCIS issues an AP in triplicate for a foreign national, we will provide the third original AP document for the individual’s use.

[1] If an individual applies at a USCIS Field or District Office for an Advance Parole for emergency travel, the USCIS may issue the Advance Parole document for a very limited period of time for a single entry.

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